Prohibition on the construction of new parliament building but foundation stone allowed

Prohibition on construction of new parliament building but foundation stone allowed

The Supreme Court has expressed strong opposition to the plan to create a new parliament.

However, the Supreme Court has allowed the central government to perform Bhoomi Pujan at the proposed place.

The Central Government has given assurance to the Supreme Court that till the Supreme Court gives its decision on the petitions related to it, the Government will not carry out any kind of construction or sabotage.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said before the Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice AM Khanvikalar that there will be only a foundation stone program and there will be no construction work or any sabotage on it. Trees will also not be felled.

The Supreme Court bench said on this that if you do paperwork or lay the foundation, then we have no objection but there should be no construction work on it.

The Supreme Court further said that there was no expectation that the central government would adopt aggressive ravya in this way regarding the construction work.

The proposal to create this new parliament was proposed in September last year. It was arranged to seat 900 to 1200 MPs. By August 2022, when the country is celebrating its 75th Independence Day, a target has been set to complete its construction work.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla told on December 5 that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation of this new building on December 10 and it will be completed by 2022. According to this it will cost about Rs 971 crore.

He also informed that the construction area of ​​this entire project will be 64,500 square meters. It will be 17,000 square meters more than the existing Parliament House.

Apart from this, he said that the Lok Sabha room in the new building will be in the ground floor, in which there will be a seating arrangement of 888 members while in Rajya Sabha there will be seating for 384 members. During the joint meeting, 1272 members will be able to sit in it.

Many petitions related to this construction work have been filed in the court keeping many aspects in mind. It also includes environmental concerns related to this project.

What is the new plan for the construction of Parliament House
It has been named the Central Vista Project. Under this, several buildings have been planned between Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate. The new Parliament building will be trivial, although the old Parliament House will also be used.

The present Parliament building is 93 years old. The deadline for completion of this entire project has been kept till 2024. In some media reports, the entire project has been estimated to cost around 20 thousand crores. Under this, a new central secretariat will also be built in which there will be around 10 buildings.


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