Naveen Patnaik In A Soup Over Cash Deposits

Naveen Patnaik

Huge sums of money were deposited into the BJD account putting Naveen Patnaik in a spot. 

Naveen Patnaik

Mr. Clean of Odisha, who goes by the name of Naveen Patnaik, is in trouble. The Chief Minister is under the scanner as huge sums of money were deposited in cash by his peon Purna Chandra Bidash into the Biju Janata Dal account.

All these deposits were illegal as they were made in cash without proper supporting documents. The deposits ranged from Rs 1 lakh to as much as Rs 33 lakh.

Apart from this, a mysterious account, which does not have a name, has transferred sums on various days into the account of the BJD. The account has not fulfilled norms like Know Your Customer.

Bidash has been working as a peon in the residence of the Chief Minister. How he got such huge sums is mysterious.

Then criminal aspect is that these deposits were not revealed by the BJD to the Election Commission.

When asked by Times Now on the deposits, Bidash said he was given the cash and told to deposit. He was, however, silent on who gave him such huge amounts.

But the timing of the expose is rather ominous coming as it is just days after the BJD decided to vote against Venkaiah Naidu, the NDA candidate for the vice president elections. While the BJD supported Ram Nath Kovind, the NDA nominee for the president’s post, the party decided to support the UPA candidate for the VP post.


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