Mumbai’s Top Wedding Planner Aditya Motwane In UAE’s Drug Net

Aditya Motwane

Well-known wedding planner Aditya Motwane is behind bars in UAE for carrying drugs.

Aditya Motwane

Aditya Motwane, the man behind lavish and extravagant weddings in India is now cooling his heels in a jail in Abu Dhabi’s Al Wathba prison. He was caught carrying banned drugs at the airport on August 8.

UAE has a strict law on drugs that can put a person behind bars for year together.

At the airport, Motwane was called out as he was suspected to having consumed a narcotic substance. The suspicion proved right and he was immediately detained. Authorities then conducted a search of his bags and found a packet containing drugs.

The airport police immediately arrested him and took him to an isolation chamber where he was kept for two days. A series of blood tests confirmed the presence of banned substances and he was shifted to the Al Wathba prison.

Abu Dhabi airport sources told Mumbai Mirror that since forensic report is not yet out, the specific drug that he was reportedly carrying is not known.

Another airport official, was quoted by Mirror as saying: “This is a very serious issue as the accused has been apprehended with banned substances. He will be produced before a court soon and then given a chance to engage a lawyer.”

Motwane may be heading for serious trouble as the United Arab Emirates has zero tolerance for drugs-related offences. Possession of even the smallest amount of an illegal drug can lead to a minimum of four years in jail.

Motwane is a well-known figure among celebrities and heads the Motwane Entertainment and Weddings. He had arranged destination weddings for Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma in Hyderabad, Jindal and Jasani wedding in Austria, Hinduja and Mahtani wedding in Jaipur and many more, according to his website and Mumbai Mirror.

Motwane is also a wellknown socialite and stays in Khar. His family and girl friend-singer Manasi Scott refused to speak to Mirror.

Meanwhile, in another high-profile arrest the Goa police arrested the owners of two North Goa beach cafes, including the famous Curlies, for possessing drugs. Edwin Nunes, the owner of Curlies, and Rohan Shetty of Club Nyex, have been arrested. Both cafes, popularly known as beach shacks, are at the Anjuna beach village, 20 km from Panaji.

According to the police, the waiters working at Curlies were found with drugs in their possession. Three tourists from Bengaluru were also found in possession of drugs and have been booked.

The police have been raiding suspected drug centres and rave parties after the death of two young tourists from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They reportedly died of a drug overdose after attending a party at two separate nightclubs in Anjuna.  


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