Why Mumbai Building Collapsed Killing 16 People


Sixteen people were killed in a building collapse in Mumbai – an incident that could have been avoided.


After the incessant pounding by torrential rain, Mumbai today woke up to another tragedy: a building collapsed in the heart of the city killing 16 people and injuring 34 others. Among the killed is an old couple. The toll is likely to go up as rescue operations are still on.

The building was located near JJ Junction in Pakmodia street in Mumbai. And why it collapsed is more shocking.

The building was over 125 years old and the civic authorities had given notice for eviction because of its deteriorating condition which rendered it unliveable. In short, it was bound to collapse any time. But no followup action was taken by the BMC and the residents continued staying.


More shocking was that the dangerous building housed a nursery school called Tulip and KG school on the first floor. It was providential escape for the children as the school timing was from 9.30 am while the building collapsed before 9 am.

There were around nine families staying in the building which was under eviction.

So, how did the BMC allow a nursery and a school to function and allow nine families to stay in such a dangerous and old building?

Apart from the school and families staying, the ground floor of the crashed building had non residential shops, four flats at first floor and remaining floors had one flat each.

75% of the residents are of Momins Bohri community.

Like all other tragedies, this one too will hold none responsible – the BMC that allowed people to stay nor the owner of the building.

This is the chalta hai attitude that India is infamous for.


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