Mohd Shami Faces Threat From Barber and Gang

Team India fast bowler Mohammad Shami

The barber gang banged the door of his flat in Kolkata and threatened to teach a lesson to the fast bowler for taking too long to park his car.

Team India fast bowler Mohammad Shami

Team India fast bowler Mohammad Shami had a scare of his life when a gang headed by a local barber threatened and abused him in front of his Jadavpur home in Kolkata on Saturday night.

Shami and his family did not open the door of his flat even as the gang banged the doors and windows.

They then yelled at him saying that he would be taught a lesson if he dared step out.

Shami lodged a police complaint after the caretaker of his building was assaulted by the gang.

Police identified one of the four alleged harassers from footage captured by the CCTV in the apartment complex. Three suspects have been arrested and released on bail. The main person is a local barber.

The barber, who was returning on his bike got upset as Shami took a long time to enter his apartment complex to park his BMW.


Shami told Telegraph that the biker “tapped on my window and started shouting why I was taking so long to park my car. I asked him what his problem was and said that if auto-rickshaws could pass through the remaining road space, why a bike could not.”

The biker then returned with his friends and threatened the flats’ caretaker Dhruba Mandal.

“After 15 minutes, he returned with three others, this time on two bikes. They held me by my collar and demanded to know where he (Shami) was. The man who had first started the trouble remained downstairs, constantly abusing my wife, while one of the newcomers ran upstairs behind me as I tried to reach Shami and alert him,” Mandal told Telegraph.

The man banged on the door and windows for some time and suddenly left.

Shami saw the entire episode through the CCTV monitor installed inside his flat and alerted the police.

Later the police arrested a barber who lived in the locality. The other two were also picked up. They three were identified as Jayanta Sarkar, Shiva Pramanik and Swarup Sarkar.

Shami had earlier courted controversy by posting the picture of his wife on social media.

Fundamental groups trolled him for exposing his wife without her head covered or wearing a burqa.


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