Modi Refuses to Take Tamil Nadu Bull by the Horns

Modi Refuses to Take Tamil Nadu Bull by the Horns-News-Time-Now

Modi Refuses to Take Tamil Nadu Bull by the Horns-News-Time-NowIn a bid to save his face and chair, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam today met Prime Minister Narendra Modi to find a way out to solve the vexed issue on the ban imposed by the Supreme Court on Jallikattu, the traditional bull sport associated with Pongal.

But apart from Modi getting slightly richer by the green silk shawl that OPS draped him with and a big vanakam that he got, nothing came out of the meeting.

Except of course a series of tweets from the Prime Minister’s Office that, in a very roundabout way, told OPS, sorry boss, nothing can be done; the Centre cannot help you as your snorting bulls are before the Supreme Court, not in the prime minister’s courtyard.

But as a consolation of sorts, Modi said that a central team would be deputed to Tamil Nadu shortly to take control of the protests that may go out of hand.

It’s Not Jallikattu, But Tamil Pride at Stake-News-Time-NowThe pro-jallikattu protesters are expecting an ordinance from the Centre. This is a wrong notion. An ordinance cannot be issued when the matter is before the Supreme Court. That would mean a serious infringement on the judicial process.

At best what can be done is that the centre can remove the snorting Madurai bulls from list of exhibition animals, but ONLY AFTER the Supreme Court verdict. That is a legislative process which the Supreme Court cannot object to.

Till then, Tamil Nadu can only wait .

But how the state government is going to deal with the emotional side of the issue is a matter of great concern.


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