Martyr’s Son Replies to Gurmehar Kaur

Martyr’s Son Replies to Gurmehar Kaur

A martyr’s son has told poster war girl Gurmehar Kaur that her campaign has hurt the families of defence personnel and misused the freedom of expression.

Martyr’s Son Replies to Gurmehar KaurGurmehar Kaur, the daughter of a Kargil martyr, had triggered a war of words over her campaign that claimed the Pakistan did not kill her father, but the war did.

Now, Manish Sharma, a martyr’s son, has sent her an open letter saying that her campaign has hurt the families of martyrs and defence personnel.

An IT professional, Manish said My Father was an Indian Army Officer….who sacrificed his life during Operation Rakshak in Srinagar…while fighting with Terrorists…I really dont know if I should blame War, Pakistan, Politician or what not…..because of them my Father was fighting right there….in an alien land…where locals say “India Go Back”. My Father sacrificed his life for them, for us, for our Nation.

Said Manish in his open letter to Kaur: You said that Pakistan didnt kill your Father, it was the War which killed your Father. My simple question to you? With whom your Father was fighting?  Was it his personal War or were we fighting against a Nation? Was it your Father’s choice to fight that War, or was it forced on him, on our Nation?

Obviously it was Pakistan and it’s acts which actually forced your Father and many such Army Officers to serve in Kashmir in so much hostilities and ultimately sacrifice their lives.

I heard your interview this morning…where you said that you are not against any Political Party…you are only advocating for the freedom of expression. My simple question to you…what is this Freedom of Expression for you?

Does that mean you can raise slogans to break India apart?

Does that Freedom of Expression give you the right to offend the People….like your and my Father…and millions like them who are guarding our Borders day and Night?


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