Kupwara Army Camp Attack: Will India Strike Back?

Kupwara Army Camp Attack: Will India Strike Back?

Terrorists attacked the Kupwara Army Camp at about 4 this morning killing an Army Captain and two jawans. Will India strike back? Is it another example of intelligence failure?Kupwara Army Camp Attack: Will India Strike Back?

Terrorists today gunned down an Army Captain and two jawans at the Kupwara Army Camp close to the borders with Pakistan early this morning. Reports indicated that five more jawans were injured. Two terrorists were gunned down after a battle.

Terrorists first killed the security guard at the camp and gained access. The attack took place at around 4 am today.

Kupwara camp is an artillery base close to the LoC. The security personnel deployed at the artillery base are not well trained to tackle terrorists as their primary focus is on maintaining the artillery at the base.

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Since it was a soft target and close to the border, security should have been tighter.

It is well known that with the winter receding and summer setting in, terrorists could make targeted strikes. So, what was the intelligence department doing? There were inputs of terrorists gathering in large numbers across the Line of Control. Hence, India should have taken adequate precautions and shored up the intelligence wings and security around Army camps.

Will India now launch another tactical strike at the terrorist camps across the border? Defence Minister Arun Jaitley and Home Minister Rajnath Singh today went into an early morning huddle amidst prospects of a definitive retaliatory attack or a harsh measure that could send a stern message to Pakistan.

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Pakistan, of course, will take the stand that the attack was by non-state players or by fidayeen fighting for the `liberation of Kashmir.’ How long will India keep hearing such repetitive narratives from Islamabad?

It is a well established fact that the terrorists are being trained by the Pakistan Army and the ISI. So, the terrorists are no longer non-state players.Kupwara Army Camp Attack: Will India Strike Back?

India should take a stern action, especially since summer will set in on Kashmir and terrorists would find it easier to infiltrate.

With so many intelligence gathering satellites in the sky, India should map every centimetre at the border and beyond to stop terrorists in their track and also destroy terror camps located across the border.

Today’s attack was very similar to last year’s attack in Uri, Kashmir, where 19 soldiers were killed by terrorists who entered India from across the border.

Initial reports indicated that there were two terrorists. But sources said there could be more. A search operation is underway.

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