Know What Are The Worst Years In Human History

Know What Are The Worst Years In Human History

The year 2020 was a very bad year due to Pandemic, which proved to be the worst for the present generation, but historians believe that it is not the worst year in human history.

The year 2020 has proved to be the worst year for Humans in the last several decades. This year forced people to think whether this is one of the worst years of human history. The devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic shook the entire human race so that even when the wheels of development stopped, it became difficult for a man to leave the house. There are many years in the history of which Pandemic and Wars have caused havoc. But historians believe that this is not the worst year in human history.

The year 1347 An unprecedented epidemic

The year 1347 is considered one of the worst years in human history. In that time the medical world did not develop much. In 1347 to 1351, the plague called plague caused such havoc that people called it black death or black death. In that time, plague disease killed 2 crore people like an epidemic. It is believed that more than half of the population of Europe alone was cleared due to this disease.

Origin of quarantine concept

It was during this time that the concept of quarantine method was developed. Shipmen arriving at Ragusa, a port in Venice, were kept in the ship for 40 days, called Quarantine time. Later this process got its name Quarantine. This plague was spread from China to the whole world by rats from fleas before a similar plague was spread between 542 to 546, which led to the belief that this plague returns with an epidemic every hundred years.

The year 1665 London massacre

the plague that came in the 14th century, did not return from Britain. It is said that it kept returning to Britain after every two decades. It returned 40 times during 300 years. One year of which was 1665 when it had tremendous havoc in London. In London alone, 1 million people died due to this in just seven months. Then it was believed that animals also spread the disease, so they were massacred on a large scale.

In the year 1520, smallpox

came first in Mexico, but it is said that she came here from the Spanish army. This disease destroyed the entire Aztec empire. The epidemic and war proved very fatal for Mexico at that time. It is said that the impact of smallpox had been on Mexico for a hundred years and its population had fallen from 10 million to only 1 million.

World War II

The time from 1941 to 1945 brought havoc in the form of war this time. Under the leadership of Hitler, the German army put 6 million Jews in Europe to death. Hitler’s Nazis separated the Jews and tortured them with all kinds of torture. Not only this, more than one crore people who opposed these Nazis were also tortured.

Spanish Flu In 1918 to 1920

Spanish flu caused havoc in the whole world, starting from an army camp in America, in which one-third of the population of Spain was cleaned. 5 to 100 million people of the world were killed in four waves. In 1957, it started spreading again under the name of Asian Flu, but then the vaccine saved many lives, but before that 2 million people had died.

Covid-19 is said to be the most devastating disease of all time, it will not be wrong in many respects. So far six crore people have been infected, out of which 14 lakh people have been killed. This disease spreads like the flu and people are dying not because of it but because of not being able to cope with other diseases.

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