Kids buried neck-deep in garbage during eclipse in Karnataka

Kids buried neck-deep in garbage during eclipse in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Orthopaedic surgeons and skin specialists have come forward to treat the eight children who were buried neck-deep in garbage and mud during the eclipse on Thursday in some villages in Kalburgi district in north Karnataka. These children were buried in the belief that such a ritual could cure them of their physical and skin ailments.

The incident has shocked the IT city and Karnataka even as the district commissioner has ordered for a full report.

In blind and superstitious belief, the physically challenged kids and some with skin ailments in the 4-11 age group were buried at 8 am, minutes before the solar eclipse started, even as the parents stood guard.

After an hour, unable to bear the heat and torture, the kids began to cry aloud. Taking sympathy, two parents their kids out of the muck. But others had to stay put till officials came to the spot and ‘dug’ them out.

The incidents took place in Tajsultanpur, Kurikota, Ainoli and Gadiningadahalli. The villages come under Kalburgi which is the home district of former Opposition leader in Lok Sabha, Mallikarjun Kharge.

According to local belief, the sun’s rays during a solar eclipse has meditational properties when it hits a pile of garbage and mud.

The tahsildar of the locality has been asked to take strict action against the parents.


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