Karnataka Govt Scraps Steel Flyover Project

Karnataka Govt Scraps Steel Flyover Project

Facing allegations of kickbacks in the controversial steel flyover project in Bengaluru, the State Government today decided to scrap the idea.

Karnataka Govt Scraps Steel Flyover ProjectThe infamous environmental disaster called the steel flyover in Bengaluru has been scrapped. Thousands of bengalurians had protested the construction of the flyover to ease traffic going to the airport. But the government then did not given in.

The latest trigger point that brought the project crashing down was the allegation that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the Congress received huge kickbacks from the project.

The details of the kickbacks were in black and white in a diary recovered from the bedroom of MLC Govindaraju.

As charges and counter charges flew thick and fast, the government had no option but to shelve the controversial Rs 1856 crore steel flyover project that was planned from Chalukya circle to Hebbal.

BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa had alleged that Siddaramaiah and his family received Rs 65-crore kickbacks for sanctioning the steel flyover project.

With the project scrapped, the government is trying to buy some goodwill from Bengalurians by planting 10 lakh trees instead of the steel flyover. Something they should have done long ago.

Anyway, all is well that ends well


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