Jayalalithaa Daughter Amrutha Surfaces, But Is She the Real One?

Jayalalithaa Daughter Amrutha Surfaces, But Is She the Real One

Amrutha has claimed that she is the biological daughter of Jayalalithaa. Is she the real one or someone eyeing Jaya’s wealth?

Jayalalithaa Daughter Amrutha Surfaces, But Is She the Real OneThe mystery around the late J Jayalalithaa refuses to die down. In a new twist, 37-year-old Amrutha from Bengaluru has petitioned the Supreme Court claiming that she is the daughter of late Tamil Nadu chief minister. She has demanded a DNA test to prove her point.

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Amrutha says in her petition that she was adopted and raised by Jayalalithaa’s sister and her now deceased husband.

So who is Amrutha’s father? In her petition she says she was adopted by Jayalalithaa’s elder sister, Shylaja, who died in 2015. Shylaja’s husband Sarathy died in March this year. On his deathbed, he confessed he was in a relationship with Jayalalithaa and that she was the outcome of this.

Jayalalithaa Daughter Amrutha Surfaces, But Is She the Real OneIs Amrutha the biological daughter of Jayalalithaa or is she just eyeing the vast amount of wealth that the late CM left behind? Is she just another fraud or is she the real one? A DNA test could indeed prove all this.

For quite some time there were rumours in Chennai that Jaya had a daughter through a popular Telugu star. But nobody had proof and nobody dared talk about this, either in the party or public. But rumours just refused to die down.

Jayalalithaa Daughter Amrutha Surfaces, But Is She the Real OneThe other rumour was that the so-called daughter was in the US. But again there was no proof. But Jaya’s frequent visits to Bengaluru fanned another rumour that she was secretly visiting her daughter.

Amrutha’s petition is silent on these visits.

68-year-old never married and led a fiercely private life. Nobody dared to even comment on her personal life, including her relationship with Sasikala.  

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Amrutha has claimed that she was born on August 14, 1980, at Jayalalithaa’s residence in Mylapur. However, her birth was kept a top secret as Jayalalithaa was a rising star in the party under MGR. Jaya also wanted to avoid social stigma and “uphold the dignity of the family as they belonged to a very religious, orthodox and cultured Brahmin family”.

Jayalalithaa Daughter Amrutha Surfaces, But Is She the Real OneThe surprising fact is that her two aunts, LS Lalitha and Ranjani Ravindranath, are co-petitioners. The two, who are Jayalalithaa’s cousins, have sought the court’s intervention to help Amrutha prove that she is indeed the daughter of Jayalalithaa.  

Amrutha’s petition claims that the two cousins are among the close family members who told her she was the biological daughter of the late leader.

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