Is Chinese President Xi Jinping Today’s Hitler in Mufti?


An interesting YouTube video by StratNewsGlobal is doing the rounds which compares Adolf Hitler, his ambitions, actions and total disregards to world opinion and order to the present Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The video chronicles the moves made by Hitler before he assumed absolute power by eliminating all those who opposed him and taking full control of the state and the army. He then thumbs his nose at world opinion. Once drunk in absolute power and faced with job loss in Germany, he marches his troops to neighbouring countries claiming their land.

This is what Xi Ping is also doing – just like Hitler. Xi has assumed full power, eliminated people opposing him in the party and the army, staked claim to nearby islands in South China sea before he took over Hong Kong.

While the world remained silent and faced with an economic disaster, Xi tried to flex his muscles at India by staking claim to lands in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.

While Hitler met his doom, only the future can tell the story of Xi.

Social media went into a big buzz following the video claiming that an upset China wanted the story to be pulled down. StratNewsGlobal reportedly refused to do so. But this part has to be independently verified.

Content Courtesy: StratNewsGlobal


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