Imran Khan Admits Pak Army Created Terrorists

Imran Khan Admits Pak Army Created Terrorists

He said Pakistan will not allow armed militia to operate anymore. 

Islamabad: In an interview to the media, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted that armed militia operating within his country were created by the Army.

In an interview to foreign journalists, he said “We have decided, for the future of our country — forget the outside pressure — we will not allow armed militias to operate anymore. The Pakistan Army created them,” referring to the 1980s, when Pakistan and the US backed Muslim insurgents in Afghanistan against Soviet forces.

An international watchdog group, the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force, is on the brink of blacklisting and leveling sanctions against Pakistan over the militias, which would make it more difficult for the country to obtain financial bailouts and loans.

On India, Khan expressed concerns over the shift toward Hindu nationalism and surging anti-Muslim crimes under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party.


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