Serial Rapes, Castrations: Horror Stories Tumble Out of Ram Rahim’s Dera

Ram Rahim

Horror stories of serial rapes, castrations of young boys have started tumbling out of Ram Rahim’s Dera even as the `Messenger of God’ (MSG) was sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Ram Rahim

Self-styled godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was actually a devil incarnate. The day he was sentenced to 20 years of jail by a CBI court for rape today, horror stories have started surfacing about how the `Messenger of God’ raped over 500 sadvis (women followers) and castrated over 300 men in a show of loyalty.

Beant Singh, who served as a trusted guard of Ram Rahim for 7 years, said he was personal witness of how a 17 year old girl was summoned by the godman and raped. The incident took place at Mount Abu where Ram Rahim was spending a few days in a tent.

Recalling the incident to Times Now from an undisclosed location in Europe, he said he was on duty at the tent where Ram Rahim was staying in Mount Abu. On night, the godman summoned a young sadhvi. “She must have been 16 or 17. After a few moments, I heard shrill cries of the girl as she being raped. I was shocked. I just could not believe what was happening. Here was a man whom I considered a god. But in realty he was a devil. The victim is still in the dera as she has nowhere to go because her parents would not believe her story.”

Dera Sacha Sauda Ashram

According to Beant Singh, the godman used to summon sadhvis to his `gufa’ by turns and rape them. The gufa was an underground fully airconditioned cave at his dera in Sirsa, Haryana, where even a fly could not enter.

In fact, after a few years, Ram Rahim opted for female guards and one of his doors in the gufa led directly to the hostel where the sadhvis lived. The turn for rape came once in 25-28 days for each sadhvi.

Beant Singh also had another horror story to narrate. Followers who opposed the godman were done to death. The next day Ram Rahim would proclaim that a follower died and had donated his body for experiment. The corpse used to be buried in a strawberry orchard. Over each body, his loyal followers would plant a sapling.


Later, the bodies were disposed off in the gufa itself by burying them deep underground.

The third horrendous story was about how young men were regularly castrated in the name of loyalty, according to Beant Singh. Ram Rahim did not want any of these men to use the sadhvis he had raped and hence got them castrated. Many men fled the dera in fear of being castrated while many lives were rendered useless as the castrated men could not procreate.

The stories of Beant Singh could not be independently verified, but he told the TV channel that he was willing to testify.

Earlier in the day today, Ram Rahim was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the rape of two sadhvis in 2002, by a judge who flew by government helicopter to conduct court at a prison in Haryana’s Rohtak.

As soon as the sentencing was read out, the 50-year-old chief of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect sat on the floor and started weeping. “Mujhe maaf kar do (Please forgive me),” said the godman as he broke down in the court where only 4-5 officials were allowed.

The Dera chief was later sent for medical examination and given a prison uniform. He was allotted a jail cell as prisoner number 1997.

Judge Jagdeep Singh delivered the sentence at the Rohtak prison to prevent a repeat of Friday’s violence which resulted in the death of 38 people. 


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