High Drama In Sky As Woman Delivers On Flight

High Drama In Sky As Woman Delivers baby On Flight

Woman delivers baby onboard Delhi-Bengaluru flight, IndiGo gives lifetime free ticket to the newborn

Bengaluru: There was high drama in the sky Wednesday night as a woman passenger delivered a baby boy on board an IndiGo flight that was flying from Delhi to Bengaluru.

At around 7.40 pm Wednesday, the baby was delivered prematurely on flight 6E 122 when it was 36,000 feet above Bhopal. The airlines confirmed that both the baby and the mother are healthy.

“We just got information that a baby boy was born in our flight en route 6E 122 Delhi – BLR. Flight landing at 19:40. All operations normal. Mother and child are healthy. Congratulations to all. Kudos to your training Team First Aid” read an official statement from IndiGo airlines.

Sources said the woman was not yet 32 weeks into her pregnancy which is why the airlines allowed her to fly. When she went into premature labour, the pilot announced for help on board. And as luck would have it, a senior gynecologist who was on the flight immediately helped her.

While the response from the airlines did not betray any emotions, the message, reportedly by the pilot, was wrapped in joy.

Excerpts from what Capt Wg Cdr (Retd) Mishra said on WhatsApp which could not be independently verified:

“Surreal experience to witness a miracle in the air yesterday. Went through full range of emotions as the situation kept unfolding rapidly. It started with the lead informing me that the lady on seat 1C, is an expectant mother feeling a little restless. She also started complaining of stomach pain.

As the situation was developing, I asked the lead to page for a doctor. By sheer Providence and divine destiny of this would be new born, there were two very accomplished doctors on board.

One of them Dr Nagaraj, is a plastic surgeon who works in King Fahd hospital in Riyadh and the other Dr Shailaja, a Gynaecologist and an Obstetrics surgeon, heading the fetal medicine department in Cloud Nine Hospital.

A little later north of Bhopal, came to know that she has started bleeding followed by the shattering news that she has suffered an abortion.

Forward galley and the Lav were swiftly and efficiently converted into a makeshift ward/ labour room.

As I was mulling over this disheartening piece of news, heard and noticed sudden increase in the activity levels in the cabin… screaming.. shouting.. clapping and a faint cry of what sounded like a new born…It was a baby boy!! The youngster was born on Cloud Nine with the help of a doctor from Cloud Nine!!

Although the doctors confirmed to me that the mother and child are doing well.. things could again worsen any moment!! HYD was the best option to divert in case of any new contingency.

In my address to the passengers I informed them that “We have an extra passenger on board..”

Plenty of congratulatory calls on air on Nagpur, Chennai and Bangalore frequencies!

Nagpur gave me direct BL552 for Bangalore 27L from just south of Bhopal….enjoyed the uninterrupted high speed run!

On ground amidst all the frenzy, I could sense a genuine sense of happiness and joy amongst all present, KIAL staff, Aster Clinic staff..in all the gloom surrounding us, people were looking for a reason to celebrate and they got one..!!

There were banners, chocolates, gifts…and the brave mother was given a rousing reception!

Met 007! Had a look at his face.. of course he was unaffected by all the commotion around him…by now he was an hour and a half old. As for me…I couldn’t have asked for a happier Air  Force Day eve.”

Meanwhile, social media users started speculating if the baby boy will get a lifetime free ticket on IndiGo flights. There have been two instances in the past of airlines giving lifetime tickets to a baby delivered onboard an aircraft.

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