HDK Pulls A Fast One on Smartphone, Silences Rebel Belagavi Brothers

HDK Pulls A Fast One on Smartphone, Silences Rebel Belagavi Brothers

Powerful Jarkiholi brothers were stunned to see what Kumaraswamy had on his phone.

Bengaluru: A small clip on Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy smartphone was enough to silence the powerful Jarkiholi brothers of Belagavi who had raised a banner of revolt.

As the brothers – Ramesh and Satish – tried to armtwist HDK with various demands or face an exit from CM post, Kumaraswamy is reported to have pulled out his smartphone and played a video clip to the brothers.

The brothers were stunned to see what they saw. And immediately they reportedly pleaded for peace and folded up their banner of revolt.

The CM is reported to have played a video that showed the brothers from Belagavi meeting a BJP intermediary on a trip to Maharashtra. In this meeting, they were clearly heard negotiating monetary compensation in return for bringing down the Karnataka government.

Pulling out his trump card, Kumaraswamy is reported to have told the Jarkiholis: “Even after I agree to your demands, if you think you still think you can bring down the government, then see this.”

The video clip showed Ramesh Jarkiholi talking about toppling the Karnataka government and, in return, demanding money from a middle man.

HDK threatened to make the clip public if the brothers refused to fall in line. He also told the Jarkiholis that a case with the Anti-Corruption Bureau could be filed. This, sources said, made the Jarkiholis brothers agree to fall in line, and not to create any problems for the government, according to Deccan Chrinicle.

This probably explains why the Jarkiholi brothers, who had threatened that they along with 16 MLAs would fly to Mumbai, suddenly had a change of heart.

In return for their silence, HDK reportedly conceded to some of their demands.


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