From Shaheen Bagh to the peasant movement: how have women started shouting slogans?

From Shaheen Bagh To The Peasant Movement: How Have Women Started Shouting Slogans?

For the first time in modern society, when a woman has stepped out of the house for her rights, hardly anyone would have expected that women would one day take to the streets in large numbers. But, the time has come and women are fighting a street fight not only for their community but for the rights of all.

Be it Shaheen Bagh or the college girls who are fighting the police or the women who travel from village to village against the agricultural bills.

Women no longer silently watch everything happen, they become part of change. Sometimes she is a quiet protestor, sometimes she takes on the governments, there are strong women competing against the police lathis.

This power of women is now also being recognized by the media and social media. She is coming out, talking freely and no one is able to ignore her.

Women participated vigorously in the protests against citizenship law and agricultural laws.

There may be different opinions on whether there should be protest on these issues or not, but these protests got power from women, it cannot be denied.

But, apart from the protests, how far has this power been communicated? Is this determination and courage of women a sign of any change in the society and how far can this change go?

An educated generation of women

Regarding the increasing participation of women in the protests, senior journalist Geeta Shri says, “Women have become more aware and vocal about the society around them and now they feel that their scope is not just at home, their world has expanded. Now she is a conscious, intelligent woman who gives her opinion about the whole society.

Geeta Shri says that an entire generation of women has been educated and prepared and that generation cannot be ignored. She is born with these changes, which silently does not accept everything. The older generation is also changing in the association of these educated women.

At the same time, Kavita Krishnan , secretary of All India Progressive Women’s Association , says that women have always been involved in protests, but they have started showing more in this period. Now media and social media give more importance to them and their leadership is also seen more clearly.

She says, “Women are fighting in a difficult phase today. They get threats, fear of arrest but still, they are coming forward very bravely. “

From the Nirbhaya case to the farmers march

This awareness and courage have shown in women on many occasions before. After the Nirbhaya case in December 2012, women at the India Gate forced their government to enact a strong law against sexual violence, with its vigour and determination.

In Maharashtra in March 2018, farmers took out a long rally from Nashik to Mumbai. Women farmers also participated extensively in this. Pictures of his splashed bare feet are still found on the Internet.

After this, in November 2018, farmer women from different parts of the country reached Delhi to protest against the demand for loan waiver .

There is no age limit in this power of women. Young, old and old, women of every age are seen as bright.

Be it Sabarimala temple or Haji Ali dargah, many women reached the temple even after risking their lives in front of violent protesters.

Participation of young girls

23-year-old social worker Neha Bharti has been involved in many protests. She says that she has been going with her friends in many demonstrations since Anna movement.

Regarding the participation of young girls who focus on education and career, Neha says, “Education and career is in place but when you see a large number of people being affected by an issue, you cannot be silent. We feel that we should be a part of it. At the same time, elderly women who are engaged in protests day and night become our inspiration. ”

She says, “Everything is not easy for us either. For example, some girls’ family members get scared in the name of protests. Due to this, a girl had to stay at home for several days. But, it causes a big problem, the threats we get. I have received repeated threats of rape and kidnapping. However, we have not stopped even after this. “

Senior journalist Neerja Chaudhary also says, “Girls from colleges and universities who come to the protests are as aggressive today as they were before.” These young girls have a lot of energy and they can shed the winds of change. She has ambitions and feels that she can do anything. “

She says that women also participated in the freedom movement. Without them it was considered impossible to expel the British. But, after independence, she did not get what she deserved politically and socially. But it was time for them to be ready.

She was on screen, struggling for education and other rights. But, in the 80s, the demand for women reservation arose, even though nothing could happen to it and now we are seeing a different environment.

What will change with this women’s performance?

Experts also believe that the way women come on the road is not limited to protests. This has far-reaching consequences. This has not only increased their inner strength, but they are also giving strength and encouragement to other women.

When she stands up courageously by challenging the police and administration, that courage becomes part of her personality. The girls and women watching them on TV can see a different image of the woman.

Geeta Shri says, “Now you cannot easily impose restrictions and restrictions on women. In the coming time, more aggressive girls are getting ready, who have their own opinion, understanding and every election on every issue. The participation of women in the protests will further increase and they will come into the leadership. “

She says, “Earlier the society did not dream big dreams about women. But now the dreams of society, family and women have changed about them. Girls’ ambitions have grown and parents also want to see the daughter moving forward. It has been accepted by the people, irrespective of the reason for the awareness or financial need. The same thinking will become stronger now. “

At the same time, Kavita Krishnan says that there are political and social effects of seeing women coming out in movements.

She says, “Without struggle you cannot end patriarchy. When we see women fighting, there is a strength and a desire to fight more. At the same time, the path of leadership for women also opens. ”

Use of women?

Many times it is said that for women to participate in the protests, they have been deliberately made the face of protest. Because the police avoid harsh action on women and the media also pays special attention to them.

Kavita Krishnan categorically denies this.

She says, “This shows the thinking of those people how much they consider women to be useless. Where police action is less on women. Here women also eat the same sticks and face arrest. If you talk to those women, then you will know whether they understand the issue or not. Will she stand in the agitation for many days under someone’s deception? This is his own understanding and inspiration. “

At the same time, Geeta Shri says that this has happened before. Political parties have done this many times. However, it is not even that those women do not know why they have come. If she does not agree with the issue then why will she come to eat sticks? It is not a matter of use. Men also understand that no movement can be successful without involving women.

She believes that it is also positive. Even if she has come out for any reason, but when she has left, her power is also being known. Women are also aware of their power, what they can do. She can not only burn the stove but can also blow the sleep of the government.


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