Exit Polls Indicate Big Sweep for BJP

Exit Polls Indicate Big Sweep for BJP

In the past, exit polls have got it bang on and even miserably failed.

New Delhi: Most exit polls held by various channels have given the BJP-led NDA a clear majority. If right, there seems to have been an undercurrent favouring the BJP, and the reason for this is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Opposition did not have a PM candidate.

The biggest surprise is in Uttar Pradesh where the Yadavs seem to have held back their votes  in favour of the Mahagatbandhan and favoured the BJP.

Here are the highlights of the exit polls: 

Times Now VMR NDA: 306
UPA: 142
Others: 94

Republic TV – C voter NDA: 287
UPA: 127
Others: 127

Republic – Jann ki baat
NDA: 305
UPA: 124
Others: 113

Sudarshan News NDA: 313
UPA: 121
Others: 109

Subharna News 24*7
NDA: 295-315
UPA: 122-125
Others: 102

News Nation
NDA: 282-290
UPA: 118-126
Others: 130-138

Poll of Polls – NDTV
NDA: 306
UPA: 124
Others: 112


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