Elephants Enjoy A Mega Feast in Kerala

Elephants Enjoy A Mega Feast in Kerala

60 elephants had a grand feast in Thrissur along with jumbo lovers and devotees.

Thrissur: In a mega feast that is unique to Kerala, 60 elephants were offered huge rice balls mixed with jaggery, coconut pieces, ghee, turmeric and honey at the Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple here on Tuesday.

The jumbos were also given a tummy full of plantains, pineapple, cucumber, sugarcane, corn, and watermelon.The feast, known in Kerala as Aanayoottu (Anna is elephant and oottu is feeding) is meant for propitiating Lord Ganesha.

The elephants were also given herbal medicines for rejuvenation.

Along with the elephants, over 5,000 devotees had a feast. Of course, this feast was different from what the jumbos had in terms of dishes and size.

Thrissur in central Kerala is packed with elephant lovers. Thousands of devotees and elephant lovers from all over the state, including women and children, thronged at the Thekkinkadu maidan in front of the temple to witness the ritual and to have a glimpse of the elephants.

The function was insured for ₹1 crore.


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