EC Warns Yogi Adityanath For ‘PM Modi’s Army’ Remark

EC Warns Yogi Adityanath For ‘PM Modi’s Army’ Remark

Poll Body lets off Yogi Adityanath with just a warning.

New Delhi: The Election Commission tweaked at the ears of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath five days after he referred to the Indian Army as “Modiji ki Sena”, or Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s army, at an election rally in Uttar Pradesh.

“Be careful in your utterances in the future,” the poll panel said.
Yogi Adityanath had made the controversial remark at a rally in Ghaziabad on Sunday. “Congress people used to serve terrorists biryani, but Modiji’s Sena (Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Army) gives them only bullets and bombs. That’s the difference. Congress people use “ji” for terrorists like Masood Azhar, but under the leadership of PM Modi, the BJP government is breaking the backs of terrorists by striking their camps,” he said.

The Opposition had slammed Yogi for the remark. Even Union Minister VK Singh rebuked Yogi saying that the “army does not belong to any individual but to the entire nation”. 

Former Navy chief Admiral L Ramdas (retired) had filed a complaint with the Election Commission.


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