Earthworms Win Vote Above Yeddyurappa and HDK

Earthworms Win Vote Above Yeddyurappa and HDK

A school in Bengaluru asked students to choose true friends of farmers clubbing earthworms with BSY and HDK.

Bengaluru: Politicians often claim they are friends of farmers in order to win votes, but students of a school here say that the humble earthworm is the true pal of farmers.

However, the Mount Carmel English High School here has landed in trouble and was trolled on social media for asking its students who is a farmer’s friend for the odd choice — BS Yeddyurapa, HD Kumaraswamy or earthworms. Though the options left students stumped and amused, many chose earthworms over BJP leader Yeddyurappa and Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy.

The question featured in an exam for the school’s Class 8 students. But the question, though odd and funny, soon went viral on the internet landing the school in a soup.

The teacher responsible for the funny question was promptly sacked by the management while the school has clarified that they do not support any political party.

But many on social media supported the teacher saying that there was nothing wrong and that the humble earthworm was by far the best friend of farmers compared to any politician.

Students of the school wondered what the fuss was all about and why the institution was being trolled on social media. They also said it was embarrassing for them.


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