China’s Second Virus ‘Cat Q’ May Hit India After Corona, Scientists Warn

Cat Que Virus: China’s Second Virus ‘Cat Q’ May Hit India After Corona, Scientists Warn

Another Disaster: The War With Corona Could Not Even Win Yet Another Cat Q Virus Of China Was Ready To Attack

Bengaluru: The whole world, including India, has not yet fully dealt with the coronavirus from China that the presence of another Chinese virus Cat Q in the country has increased the concern of scientists. According to the ICMR, Cat Q virus (CQV) can cause high fever, meningitis, and paediatric encephalitis (meningitis).

Cat Q virus found in Culex mosquitoes and pigs in China: ICMR

Seven scientists from the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) reported that the Cat Q virus (CQV) is found in Culex mosquitoes and pigs in China and Vietnam. Due to the expansion of Culex mosquito species in India, there is a possibility of CQV threat from this mosquito.

Culex mosquitoes in China can also cause the cat Q virus.

Scientists said that the presence of CQV in Culex in China and pigs in Vietnam is feared that the virus could be activated in other Asian countries as well. Scientists said that of 883 samples from several states, two samples were found to contain the virus. It is evident that at least two people have been hit by this virus at some time. While during investigation, this virus was not found in any person’s body.

This virus can pose a threat due to the increase in CQV in mosquitoes

According to the scientists, the antibodies of the virus in two samples and the increase of CQV in mosquitoes can pose a threat to the virus. According to a report in the June issue of the Indian Journal of Medical Research, to understand the potential risk of the Cat Q virus, more samples of humans and pigs need to be tested.

CQV can easily reach the human body through mosquitoes

In the Indian context, certain species of mosquitoes such as AE-aegypti, CX-quinquefacitus and CX-triteniihinchus are very sensitive to CQV. According to a scientist, CQV can easily reach the human body through these mosquitoes.

Antibodies of Cat Q virus found in Chinese pigs

According to ICMR, the domestic pig is the primary mammal animal in which this virus has been found. At the same time, antibodies to this virus have been found in Chinese pigs. This proves that the Cat Q virus has developed a natural cycle locally.

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