Careful! Google Is Keeping An Eye On Your Every Activity, Google Has All Your Data

Careful! Google Is Keeping An Eye On Your Every Activity, Google Has All Your Data

Google has become an important part of our life. There are many such tasks related to the Internet which cannot be completed without the help of Google. At the same time, it is necessary to have a Google account to use Android smartphones. If you use Google Chrome or Android smartphone, then all your activity is monitored by Google. Which app are you downloading from the Play Store or which website are you going to, Google has all its data available.

Google has access to your account –

By turning off the location by going to personal settings, the company does not get information about your location. But according to the report, this does not actually happen. As soon as you turn on Google Map, a snapshot of your current status reaches your account on Google. While searching on Google, the company collects information about your situation. Nearly two billion users of Google’s Android devices and millions of iPhone users worldwide rely on Google for maps or searches, but their privacy is always at risk. By keeping an eye on your every move, there is a risk of loss of privacy.

The contact list of your phone is also a Gmail account link. That is, every contact of your phone is with Google. Similarly, videos and photos of your phone are also synced with Google. Google saves them on its cloud storage ie Google Drive.

Google has become your personal assistant in the new feature in Truecaller – These days most Android users are using Google Assistant feature. This feature is used via voice command or text. That is, you can search for anything with voice. However, every voice command given by you is saved with Google. What are you searching for by giving a command to Google Assistant? And what information have you asked GA to remember. All these things are also saved here.

can be saved from the eyes of Google?

There is a lot of alert about the security of Google users. That’s why Google gives its users an option by which they can check which devices are working on their Google account. In addition, if you have forgotten to logout after logging in on any device, then going to the settings page, securing personal data is a good idea. Experts say that to prevent Google from collecting information about your location in any way, you can turn off ‘Web and App Activity’.

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