USA And UK Accuse Russia Of Launching Satellite Weapon In Space

USA And UK Accuse Russia Of Launching Satellite Weapon In Space

Britain and America have alleged that Russia has launched something like a weapon from a satellite in space.

The head of Britain’s Space Directorate issued a statement saying, “We are worried about the way Russia has launched a satellite and tested one of its satellites.”

The statement said that ‘such action is a threat to the peaceful use of space’.

America had also expressed concern about Russia’s satellite earlier.

Airways Marshal Harvey Smith, head of Britain’s Directorate of Space, issued a statement saying, “This type of movement poses a threat to the peaceful use of space and also poses the risk of debris accumulating in space that is the satellite and the entire space system.” Can harm the world on which the whole world depends. “

He said, “We urge Russia to abstain from such tests further. We also urge Russia to work constructively with Britain and other allies to promote responsible attitude in space.” Keep doing. “

According to Source, Britain has first accused Russia of carrying out satellite tests in space, and this happened just a few days after the Intelligence and Security Committee in Britain said in a report that Britain The government had failed miserably to address the threat from Russia.

Fear of space war ?

After this incident, a new type of arms race in space can give rise to the worry and many other countries are also investigating the technology which can be used as a weapon in space.

The United States has said that it is the same satellite system of Russia about which it had expressed concern in the year 2018 and also questioned this year when the US accused Russia of having one of its satellites close to America’s satellite.

Regarding this latest development, the head of the US Space Command, General J. Raymond, said that “there is evidence that Russia has tested an anti-satellite weapon in space.”

General Raymond said that Russia has launched a new thing in Orbit through satellite.

He said, “This is another proof of Russia’s persistent efforts to develop and test the space-based system. And it is the Russian public’s use of weapons to endanger America and its allies in space.” Conforms to the military doctrine. “

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