BJP MLAs in Karnataka Use Filthy Language to Abuse Govt Officials

BJP MLAs in Karnataka Use Filthy Language to Abuse Govt Officials

While Modi speaks of decency in public life, two MLAs in Karnataka abused govt officials in terrible language that only reflected their up-bringing.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi always asserts that he has great respect for officials, but look at what his lawmakers are doing in Karnataka. MLAs from Mudigere and Chamaraja assembly constituencies were caught on camera abusing government officials in most filthy language.
Two videos of the MLAs abusing officials went viral across Karnataka, sparking outrage. In one video, MP Kumaraswamy, a two-time MLA from Mudigere in Chikkamagaluru district, barged into the chamber of local range forest officer BM Prasad on Monday and rebuked him and other officials for not answering his phone calls.

He later brazenly justified his action by saying that forest department officials are involved in corruption. “Why should I apologize? I didn’t commit any mistake,” he told the media.

On Monday morning, forest officials arrested three persons with four tiger claws, a tortoise and deer meat. When informed about the arrest, Kumaraswamy reportedly called Prasad to discuss the issue. The Forest Official had gone to the computer section of his office while his phone was being charged. Since his phone was charging, the RFO didn’t realise the MLA had called him. This angered Kumaraswamy who blew his top as he barged into the chamber around 10.30pm shouting and abusing the officer and his colleagues. Those present there recorded Kumaraswamy’s outburst on their phones.

The MLA confirmed that he had visited the RFO’s office at night. “I didn’t go there to seek anyone’s release. I wanted forest officials to file the case soon and take legal action. They were following the wait and-watch strategy, which only leads to corruption. The RFO was transferred nearly six month ago. But he hasn’t had the decency to introduce himself to me. I am the MLA,” Kumaraswamy said.

Kumaraswamy should realise that he is a public servant, not a king or a dictator.

In Mysuru, another BJP MLA L Nagendra representing Chamaraja, used filthy language while hitting out at officials for not informing him about chief minister HD Kumaraswamy’s inspection of Devaraja Market, which comes under his constituency.
As the video went viral on social media, Nagendra immediately issued a public apology, saying he reacted in a fit of rage and didn’t mean anything against the officials.


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