BJP Converts Tiger Udhav into a Cat

BJP Converts Tiger Udhav into a Cat-News-Time-Now

In a spectacular performance in the elections to the civic body in Mumbai, the BJP snapped at the heels of the Shiv Sena bagging 81 deats against 84 of the Sena.

BJP Converts Tiger Udhav into a Cat-News-Time-NowIt is a beautiful day. That was how the BJP reacted to its spectacular win in the civic elections across Maharashtra in the polls to the civic bodies.

But the big focus was on Mumbai, where the BJP silenced the Shiv Sena bagging a record 81 seats, just three short of the Sena’s figure of 84 to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections. The total number of wards is 227.

It was a big win for Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis who made loud mouth Udhav Thackeray and his mouthpiece the Saamna to tuck their tails between their legs.

The results show that Mumbai has rejected the identity plank of the Sena and accepted the BJP promise of transparency and development.

Udhav Thackeray had promised that he would never approach the BJP to assume power in the BMC. What will this tiger turned into a cat now do? He will shamefully ask for the help o f the BJP.  But then, BJP will have the power to dictate terms and show the Sena and Udhav their place.

BJP Converts Tiger Udhav into a Cat-News-Time-NowMumbaikars have also, through their vote, spoken against the satha mafia of the sena whose leaders are goondas in sena’s clothings extracting money from hapless traders and businessmen. It also shows clearly that the Modi’s agenda has been accepted by the voters. It is also a big vote in favour of demonetization.

Across Maharashtra too, it was a BJP show. The BJP bagged major corporations in Pune, Nagpur. Pimpri Chinchiwad, Akola, Solapur and Amravati. The Sena was ahead only in Thane.



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