Study and Sports Can Go Hand-in-Hand: Archana Pai Shows The Way

Archana Pai
Archana Pai (centre)

Bengaluru girl Archana Pai has shown how studies and sports can go hand in hand.

Study and Sports Can Go Hand-in-Hand Archana Pai Shows The WayAll study and no play makes Jill a dull girl. That’s the prime mantra that Archana Pai has followed in her rising career so far. Consequently, she has bagged many badminton titles and has also become one of the top scorers in this year’s 2nd PUC exam. A student of Jain College, Archana, has not only secured outstanding scores in academics but in sports as well.

She has set herself apart from her peers by striking a fine balance between sports as well as study.

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While on one hand she has secured 98.5 % with a total of 591 in the 2nd PUC exam, she has also clinched state level titles and medals in several badminton championships.

A recipient of the ‘Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Award – 2017’ for securing 1 Gold and 2 Silver at national level junior badminton tournament, Archana has set an example for others by showing how determination and persistency can take one a long way.

Gleaming with excitement, Archana asserted that her 2nd PUC result is beyond what she had expected. “Although I have been focused towards my study, but it has always been in tune with my dedication towards sports. So, both the areas have received my equal share of attention. And it is really exciting to see that whatever effort I had put forth towards my study has reaped me this amazing return.”

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Attributing the success to the support and motivation from her college and faculties, she said, “It has always seemed difficult for me to strike a balance between sports and study. But only due to support from my coach and faculty members, I could maintain this balance easily. I wanted to pursue my sports interest along with my academics, and I could do so only because of the encouragement from my college. I thank Jain College for that.”

Sharing her strategy for exam preparation, Archana said, “I won’t say I spent 5 hours a day to prepare for the exam. 1-2 hours a day with full dedication worked just fine. I only started after January to prep-up for the exam and I think that worked pretty well for me.”

With ten different titles in badminton tournaments (at state and national levels) already in her bag, Archana aspires to excel further in sports as well as prepare to become a CA.

Sharing her advice to juniors, she said, “You can always pursue your study as well as sports at the same time, only if you have the willingness. And in my case, support from my parents, mentors and coach have helped to ease the process. Don’t overburden yourself with target of scoring a specific number. Just stay focused in whatever you do. Even 1 hour of complete dedication is enough for your study.”

In this competitive era, where vying over marks and rank hysteria overwhelms the present millennials, Archana Pai sets a unique example by denoting how healthy balance of work and play can reap you great benefit.

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