Air India `Grounds’ Out-Of-Shape Crew Members

Air India Grounds Out-Of-Shape Crew Members

Air India Grounds Out-Of-Shape Crew MembersRated as the third worst Airline carrier in the world, Air India is planning to do a revamp on its strategies by grounding some cabin crew members for being overweight.

The airline recently grounded 57 cabin crew members stating they are out of shape and will be reporting on ground. Unless these crew members can get back in shape quickly, they will be assigned ground jobs permanently.

Though Air India did not say in so many words, it is a known fact that many air hostesses are, what Air India calls, out of shape. Of course, there and many pot-bellied men too who pass off as crew members.

“These crew members had a higher-than-permitted body mass index (BMI, the ratio of weight and height of an individual). They were asked to lose weight and given deadlines,” said a senior Air India official.

A ground job could be translated to loss of flying allowance – between Rs 35,000 and Rs 50,000 a month.

“A cabin crew member who is found to be obese shall be examined and investigated. They shall be declared `temporarily unfit’ for cabin crew duties for a period of six months,” a statement said.

Obviously, the Maharaja is moving with times and is trying to look thinner, smarter and mod.


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