US Alerts India of Attack From Pakistan Soil


A top US spy agency has alerted India of possible terror strikes from Pakistan

US-Alerts India of Attack From Pakistan Soil-News Time NowIn a major warning, a top spy agency in the US has alerted India that Pakistan-based terrorist groups are planning multiple attacks in the near future. On the radar of these militant groups is Afghanistan too.

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India’s intelligence wing too has specific inputs of a build-up of terrorists along the IndiaPakistan border, especially at the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir.

US-Alerts India of Attack From Pakistan Soil-News Time NowThe major terror camps are reported to be in Pak Occupied Kashmir. After India’s strategic strike a few months back, the training camps of terrorists have been shifted behind the frontlines of Pakistani Army.

Reports indicate that Pakistan Army and the ISI are providing full training and support to these terror groups.

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Parallelly, Pakistan cyber groups and hackers have launched a hate campaign against the Indian Army looking after security in Kashmir.

US Alerts India of Attack From Pakistan Soil-News-Time NowIntelligence reports indicate that these cyber groups are tasked to incite violence in the Valley and motivate stone pelters.

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What is worrying is that these cyber groups have managed to infiltrate school students through WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms.

US Alerts India of Attack From Pakistan Soil-News-Time NowThe alert from the US came from Daniel Coats, director of National Intelligence, who told members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence during a Congressional hearing on Worldwide threats that “Islamabad has failed to curb militants and terrorists in Pakistan.”

“These groups will present a sustained threat to the United States’ interest in the region and continue to plan and conduct attacks in India and Afghanistan,” Coats said.

 US Alerts India of Attack From Pakistan Soil-News-Time NowThe threat report also said IndiaPakistan ties would only worsen unless Islamabad cleans up its act of promoting terrorists.

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He blamed Pakistan for deteriorating Indo-Pak relations and warned that the ties might worsen further if another “high- profile” terrorist attack emanates from across the border this year.

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