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New, Shocking Twist to Vijaya Mallya Case

CBI had put it in writing that bank defaulter Vijay Mallya need not be detained. New Delhi: It is now official. The Central Bureau of...

SBI Knew Vijay Mallya Would Flee India, Did Nothing

A top Supreme Court lawyer says he had an inkling that Mallya may flee India and had warned SBI. New Delhi: Even as the Congress...

Vijay Mallya Comes Up With Plan That Has Hidden Agenda

Vijay Mallya wants to sell his properties, but his plan has hidden agenda. Bengaluru: The `King of Debt Times’ Vijay Mallya has now come up...

Unbelievable: Rs 1.44 lakh crore Vanish From Banks

Last Financial Year, banks wrote off 1.44 lakh crore. This money cannot be recovered. When you take a loan, banks would be after your blood....

Liquor Baron Mallya Arrested in UK, Gets Bail. What Next?

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya created a major flutter in the media across India when he was arrested in the UK by the Scotland Yard...