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Fans Are Heart And Soul of Football Clubs

Footballing fans play a pivotal role in sending clubs to its zenith and are the heart and soul of football clubs Most football clubs would...

Cristiano Ronaldo the super striker

Cristiano Ronaldo it was. Cristiano Ronaldo it had to be. The twinkle-toed Portugal captain swept Real into the lead and then buittressed their lead after  Casemiro had made it 2-1 and Asensio completed the...

Real Madrid should start as favourites against Juventus

You cannot defend all the time. Unless your team scores, you will not win either.  That is an old soccer truism. This is of great...

It’s Real Madrid Vs Juventus

Real Madrid won 4-2 overall to set up a title class with Juventus at Cardiff, Wales, on June 4.  There was a dramatic change in...

Do Juventus Really Have The Best Defense?

Juventus have recorded a clean sheet in all five of its knockout stage, proving that it has the best defence. Right from the inception of...


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