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Isro Tests Great Escape Plan for Astronauts

Pad Abort is a bailout plan for astronauts if any untoward accident happens. Bengaluru: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Thursday successfully tested a capsule...

ISRO Tastes Failure As Satellite Gets Trapped in Heat Shield

ISRO stared at first major failure as heat shield of navigation satellite failed to get separated trapping it in outer space. The Indian Space...

Mumbai Rains: Where Has Technology And All The Satellites Gone?

India boasts of one of the best satellite systems that can predict weather. What were satellites doing when Mumbai sank in rains today? What...

Indian Scientists Discover Saraswati Shining in Space

While the mystical river Saraswati is still elusive, Indian scientists have found a new and shining Saraswati in space. Indian scientists have found Saraswati –...

India Joins `Fat Boy’ Club, Fires heaviest Rocket Into Space

The Indian Space Research Organisation launched the heaviest rocket using the indigenously developed cryogenic engine. The Indian Space Research Organisation’s triumph continued as it launched...