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Imran Khan Admits Pak Army Created Terrorists

In an interview to the media, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted that armed militia operating within his country were created by the Army.

Will Army, ISI Allow Imran Khan Solve Kashmir Issue? No

If India takes one step, I shall take two, says Imran Khan. That will only take him in circles on the vexed Kashmir issue...

Pakistan Dumps Nawaz Sharif, Daughter Maryam In Jail

Sharif and Maryam were sent to a jail in Rawalpindi while 133 people were killed ahead of July 25 Pakistan general elections. Lahore: It was...

Imran Khan has Fathered Kids In India: Ex-wife Reham

Just two weeks before Pakistan general elections, Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan says her former husband led “a bizarre life” of “sex, drugs and...