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Who Swapped Max Banned Notes? Mystery is Out

District Central Co-operative Banks headed by leaders of BJP, Congress, Shiv Sena, NCP, CPM exchanged maximum banned notes in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka...

Tipu Sultan `Storms’ Into Political Fray in Karnataka

Tipu Sultan has stormed into political space in Karnataka and is the new mascot of the Congress ahead of Assembly elections. Every birthday on November...

Was Demonetisation A Useless Exercise By Modi? RBI Figures Say Yes

Reserve Bank of India today confirmed that 99% of banned notes have come back. So where is Modi’s claim on India’s economy being ruined...

Big Win Will Make Narendra Modi Push Bigger Economic Reforms

The massive win has laid to rest the ghost of demonetization and this will give Modi courage to push big ticket economic reforms. The BJP’s...

As Cash Flows In, Digital Deals Flow Out

Sharp decline seen in digital transactions in two successive months. This goes against the government’s move towards making India “less cash” economy. The sudden surge...