Confused Pinarayi Vijayan Gets a ` Fine Slap’ From Supreme Court For Making Mockery of Justice

That Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is a confused man is well known; now the Supreme Court has given him a `slap’ for making mockery of justice; issues contempt notice.

The Supreme Court on Friday came down heavily on the Pinarayi-led Kerala government for not reinstating IPS officer T P Senkumar as the State Police Chief despite its April 24 order.

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The court issued a contempt notice and ordered a fine of Rs 25,000 on Kerala government and its chief secretary Nalini Netto.

Confused Pinarayi Vijayan Gets a ` Fine Slap’ From Supreme Court For Making Mockery of JusticeBoth Pinarayi and Netto hate Senkumar. The reason is that he, unlike many officers, is not pliable.

That Pinarayi is a confused man is well known. In the State Assembly he murmured some words when he was asked to name the DGP of police. Instead of answering a straight question, he went on a detour.

Confused Pinarayi Vijayan Gets a ` Fine Slap’ From Supreme Court For Making Mockery of JusticePinarayi is now come to be known for his inefficiency. He does not trust his own shadow and is known to sit on files afraid to take decisions. He is another version of AK Antony.

Now the slap from the Supreme Court should hopefully waken him up. But if Pinarayi is pretending to be asleep in order to cover his inefficiency, not even the Supreme Court slap can wake him up.

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Instead of obeying the Supreme Court order, Pinarayi chose to seek clarifications from the court. What clarifications were there to seek when the order was crystal clear. Unless, of course, some stupid bureaucrat, goaded by CPM leaders, was trying to find non-existent loopholes. 

Confused Pinarayi Vijayan Gets a ` Fine Slap’ From Supreme Court For Making Mockery of JusticePinarayi government told the court that the order of the court was being studied. A week to study an order? This must be a joke. It took less than 24 hours to dismiss Senkumar as DGP. So, why is it taking this long to reinstate him? Obviously, Senkumar is an honest officer and does not take orders from the rank and file of CPM leaders and members who are known to be a law unto themselves.

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The Kerala government will now have to file a reply on Monday, explaining why it should not be held guilty of contempt of court.

On April 24, the apex court had ordered Kerala government to reinstate Senkumar who was removed from the post of DGP in June last year.

Confused Pinarayi Vijayan Gets a ` Fine Slap’ From Supreme Court For Making Mockery of JusticeOn Wednesday, Kerala government had moved the Supreme Court, claiming that Senkumar cannot be reinstated as the State Police Chief. The government took a dubious argument – that Senkumar was appointed as the Director General of Police (DGP) before his removal in June 2016 and therefore he cannot be reinstated as “Director General of Police & State Police Chief”.

If stupidity is an answer, this one takes the cake.

Confused Pinarayi Vijayan Gets a ` Fine Slap’ From Supreme Court For Making Mockery of JusticeThe government, it its application, said Senkumar was neither empanelled nor selected as the State Police Chief and he was holding the post as “DGP and Head of Police Force” when he was removed. The state government had said there was another person appointed as the State Police Chief.

But the government conveniently kept mum on the court’s first order nullifying the state government’s order dated June 1, 2016 whereby Senkumar was shunted out as DGP and made chairman and managing director of Kerala Police Housing and Construction Corporation Ltd.

The court had then held that there was no justification in law to displace Senkumar before the end of his term. Senkumar was appointed in May 2015.

Confused Pinarayi Vijayan Gets a ` Fine Slap’ From Supreme Court For Making Mockery of JusticeThe court said it was “disturbed” by the aspersions cast on Senkumar only after the LDF government came to power in May 2016. “The removal or displacement or transfer out of an officer from a sensitive tenure post requires serious consideration and good reasons that can be tested so that the officer is not dealt with as a pawn in a game. Unfortunately, the somewhat exacting standards are absent in the present case and the appellant (Senkumar) was displaced from the post of state police chief summarily and without reasonable cause,” the court held.

Senkumar was removed following his indictment in the Puttingal Temple tragedy in Kollam in which more than 100 people lost their life. Despite lack of evidence and proof, the government blamed him for allegedly protecting erring police officials. The second case related to alleged laxity in the initial probe into the murder of a Dalit girl.

However, in his affidavit in the court, Senkumar said the CPM was acting maliciously against him since he had conducted honest probe into the murders of RMP leader T P Chandrasekharan, Muslim League activist Ariyil Shukkoor and RSS leader Kathiroor Manoj. CPM leaders had copious blood on their hands in all these cases.

The bench had noted that there was nothing to hold Senkumar directly responsible for any lapses.

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