Indian Scientists Develop Drones With Human Brain As Command Centre

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science have developed drones that can be controlled by the human brain.

Indian Scientists Develop Drones With Human Brain As Command CentreIn a major breakthrough, scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru have developed drones that can be controlled by signals emanating from the human brain.

No joy sticks or command boxes, just signals emanating from the brain can make the drones fly and perform tasks.

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The team that developed these drones that have the human brain as the command centre is headed by SN Omkar, a yoga teacher who blends science with religion.

Apart from being a yoga teacher and the chief research scientist of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the IISc, he is also into studying the mysteries of the human brain.

Indian Scientists Develop Drones With Human Brain As Command Centre-News-Time Now
SN Omkar and rest of the IISc team that made the drone happen | Pic Courtesy: Bangalore Mirror

Dr Omkar demonstrated the new invention to Bangalore Mirror recently. He wore a black head-mounted device to send out commands emanating from his mind, rather brain.

The researcher first had a hard and long look at the drone a few feet away from him. That was for establishing a `connect’ with the drone.

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Minutes later, the drone kick-started to life and was seen taking off and performing various tasks as Dr Omkar sat still.

He had just the head-mounted device and a laptop that made the drone dance to his tunes. He did not even move his hands of make any gestures.

The team claims that this is India’s first mind-controlled drone – a Made in India in every sense.

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The headset is electroencephalogram or EEG which acts as a link between the brain signals and the drone.

“The focused thought of the brain or the electrical activity of the brain is captured by a head-mounted EEG device and the signals are wirelessly sent to a laptop. Algorithms residing in the laptop convert these signals into command inputs for the drone for suitable action,” Dr Omkar told Mirror.

Indian Scientists Develop Drones With Human Brain As Command Centre-News Time NowBut this is not a first in the world. Last year, University of Florida demonstrated the world’s first mind controlled drone. Work is now on trying to do the same with robots.

“Once the technology reaches maturity, it can be used for a wide range of applications. The EEG headsets can be of great help to the visually-impaired. Using this technology without the requirement of vision one can accomplish many tasks be it turning switches on or off and even drive a vehicle,” he was quoted in the newspaper.

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