North Korea’s Kim Jong Un In Coma, Sister Kim Yo-Jong To Take Over: Reports


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un: Dead, Alive Or In Coma?

In the past few months, there has been a lot of media speculation about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. After botched heart surgery, the leader was not seen in people’s eyes for weeks. He was also suspected to be dead a few months ago. Now, the New York Post reports that the leader is in a coma.

Chang Song-min Says He Assesses Kim Jong Un To Be In A Coma

“I presume him to be in a coma, but his life is not over,” said Chang Song-min, a former aide to late South Korean President Kim Da-Jung. This comes after the previous speculation that Kim had already died after failing to perform publicly in the months of April and May. It was April 11, shortly before Kim was seen publicly before discussing his health. Of course, this did not help with rumours of his death. He also did not attend the day of the Sun festival to honor his grandfather Kim Il-sung. He attends every year. The leader was speculated to not have shown up as a prevention measure for COVID-19. This is the most important holiday in the country, so it is a big thing for a leader to remember.

Who will succeed him?

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un In Coma, Sister Kim Yo-Jong To Take Over: Reports

His sister Kim Yo Jong will succeed him. She has formally served as the Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers Party. Kim Yo Jong is 33 years old and has always been at the forefront of family involvement in politics. She has reportedly been groomed for power since she was a little girl. Kim Yo Jong is only the second woman to hold such a high position of power in North Korea’s governing body.

However, there has never been a female leader in North Korea. Can she be the first? It certainly looks like this will become a reality after this news.

Kim Jong-Un Is Known For Disappearing From The Public Eye

Being absent from the public eye is something Kim is used to doing.. In 2014, there was a period where he was not seen for 41 days. There was a time in 2008 when his father was not seen in the media for 51 days. Kim Jong-Un has continuously gone periods of 15 days before he has made a public appearance. In 2020 he has disappeared 21 days between January to February as well as another 19 days between March and April.

“Kim Yo-jong, Chairman of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers Party, is handling the overall state affairs on delegation,” although Kim’s brother still holds “full authority” according to South Korea’s National Intelligence Service.

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