19:11 Time And Date Of Little Significance Now; India Victories More Relevant

FIFA’s choice of ticket launch time of 19:11 leaves much to be desired and is of little significance. India victories are more relevant.

Time And Date Of Little Significance Now- India Victories More Relevant-News Time NowThe Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has reportedly decided to commence the online sale of tickets for the forthcoming  Under-17 World Cup soccer at 19.11 hours on May 16, 2017.

The significance of the time (19.11 hrs) is purportedly because it was in 1911 that Mohun Bagan defeated the East York Regiment of Britain 2-1 to win the IFA Shield and become the first Indian team to do so.

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The final was played, not on May 18, but on July 29, 1911.

“It is an extremely relevant page in Indian football when an Indian side defeated a British team. It was the first big milestone in Indian football. This is the first World Cup in India and it is important to honour the history of the game in the country,” Javier Seppi, FIFA tournament director has been quoted as saying.

Time And Date Of Little Significance Now- India Victories More Relevant-News Time NowThe Under-17 World Cup will be held from Oct 6 to 28, 2017 with the final in Kolkata.

The draw is slated to be held in Mumbai on July 7, 2017. Ticket sales could have commenced at 19:11 hrs on July 29 itself, if the idea was to commemorate Mohun Bagan’s victory.

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This victory is historic no doubt but relates only to a club. It does not encompass the country and its football at the moment.

Ticket sales should have had a more wider approach and significance rather than being launched with a club record in mind, no matter how significant it was or is, if at all.

Time And Date Of Little Significance Now- India Victories More Relevant-News Time NowSecondly, the IFA Shield’s importance in Indian football has been reduced to nothing. It is now an Under-19 youth tournament since 2015.

Or ticket sales could have been launched to signify India’s achievements or participation in International soccer. On 31 July, 1948, the Indian football team took on France for the first time as an independent nation at the Olympic Games. What better time and date? Certainly, a lot more significant than 1911. Or even August 15, 2017, as India gained Independence on August 15, 1947

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In 1956, India entered the Olympic Games semi-finals but the event was held between November 24 and December 8, 1956. So those dates are not applicable as the U-17 WC will have concluded in October itself.

Time And Date Of Little Significance Now- India Victories More Relevant-News Time NowOn March 11, 1951, India won the first Asian Games soccer gold but those dates have already gone by. Perhaps, FIFA did not even know that achievement as their website has never ever highlighted these achievements. For the record, India defeated Iran 1–0 in that final.

Surely, another very important date is very apt and coincides with any launch programme.

It was on Sept 4, 1962, that India won the Asian Games soccer gold for the second time defeating South Korea 2-1 in the final. 

Pradeep Kumar Banerjee, still going strong, and God willing he does so for as long as possible, and the Jarnail Singh scored India’s goals.

Time And Date Of Little Significance Now- India Victories More Relevant-News Time NowMany from that great team are still kicking around and could have been invited for a launch on that date. If not tickets, at least some memorabilia of the Under-17 World Cup.

Peter Thangraraj, Prodyut Burman, Arun Ghosh, P K Banerjee, Prashanta Sinha, Jarnail, DMK Afzal, T. Balaram, Yusuf Khan, M Chandrasekhar, Ram Bahadur, Chuni Goswami, Arumainayagam, Ethiraj, F.Franco and Trilok Singh formed that splendid squad. Many relate to them very well as many have been coaches and managers of various state and national teams.

The 1911 time or date could appease Mohun Bagan supporters. East Bengal or Mohammedan sporting fans would be turned away given Calcutta’s football climate.

Then again everything that relates to the Under-17 World Cup has to have an International appeal and agreement.

FIFA’s choice of the ticket launch time of 19:11 leaves much to be desired.

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  12. 19:11 Time And Date Of Little Significance Now; India Victories More Relevant
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