“Jal Jeevan Mission” - Lake Cleaning Drive By The Ncc Cadets

In a mission to rejuvenate dying lakes, about 1000 cadets of the National Cadet Corps,  teamed up with the Lakeman of Bangalore Shri Anand Malligavad, to clean Hadosiddapura lake yesterday on the occasion of the 71st NCC Day.

Anand, a Bangalore based techie, has taken it upon himself to create awareness about the environmental consequences of losing the lakes that once dotted the garden city.

       Expressing his happiness at being joined by enthusiastic NCC cadets who, as a build-up to this event, have been staging street plays and flash dances in public spaces, such as Cubbon Park and popular Malls across the city, Anand feels that the awareness spread by these youth will go a long way in changing perspective in the city

      Through street marches, songs and skits, cadets spread the message of the Jal Jeevan Mission showcasing to divulge the story of Hadosiddapura lake, which once spanned 36 acres and has now shrunk to a mere 16 acres.

“Jal Jeevan Mission” -  Lake Cleaning Drive By The Ncc Cadets

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