About Us

Newstime Now is a news portal loaded with views and opinions that are unbiased, frank and thought-provoking. It deals not just with breaking news, but breaks news to its threadbare level to look at various factors at play and the hidden cross currents.

The portal has well-known senior journalists on its board. These journalists have made a mark in credible reporting and analysis in their long innings in journalism.

Key People

Shankar Raj

Among the senior journalists is Shankar Raj, former Editor of The New Indian Express, Karnataka and Kerala. He was also, until recently, Managing Editor of Nyusu Digital Media, India’s first one minute video-audio news platform for smartphones. He has over 30 years’ experience in journalism.

Sujith Nair

Newstime Now is managed by Sujith Nair, well-known TV Journalist and a digital media authority.

Newstime Now analyses news instantly, incisively and sharply.


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