28-Year-Old Fast Of 81-Year-Old Urmila Chaturvedi To End With Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan


82-year-old woman is fasting for past 28 years in MP’s Jabalpur for Ram Mandir construction

Uttar Pradesh: while preparations are continuing loudly in Ayodhya on the grand event to be held on August 5, there is a wave of joy among the devotees of Lord Rama across the country. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will perform the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Ram temple, which has been invited to those who struggled for years to hermit saint and temples across the country. But 81-year-old Urmila Chaturvedi, who lives in Jabalpur, is still looking forward to the invitation.

Urmila Chaturvedi is such an exclusive devotee of Shri Ram who has waited for the construction of Ram temple for the past 28 years. She had abandoned food after taking a resolution for nearly 28 years. Despite being aged, this determination of Urmila Chaturvedi is still intact and she receives only fruits and water. Her dream is that at the time of the construction of the temple, She should reach there and worship Shri Ram and then receive food in the form of Prasad. But this unique Ram devotee has not received any invitation for the temple Ceremony yet. Despite this, She is absorbed in her devotion.

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